Join the Mass Green Network!

The Mass Green Network was founded in 2015 to facilitate local efforts to reduce bags, polystyrene, bottled water, and other sources of the plastic waste that blights our communities, chokes our wildlife, squanders our resources, and poisons our earth.  Since then, Mass Green members have worked together to pass over 80 bylaws, ordinances, and regulations in communities throughout Massachusetts! 

Joining the Mass Green Network connects you with hundreds of people across the state working on the issues you care about.  We can help you get the resources, expertise, and funding you need to green your community.

Best of all, membership is absolutely free.

Individuals who join the Mass Green Network commit to the following:

o ACTING LOCALLY:  Members support efforts to change public policy on plastic waste in their communities. This can mean everything from founding and leading a local campaign to regulate a source of waste, to helping to cook up a strategic plan, to calling a town official when the time is ripe, to rounding people up for town meeting, to writing a letter to the local paper, to baking cookies for volunteers, to giving encouragement to those laboring in the field. There are many ways to contribute!

o SHARING RESOURCES:  Members share the benefits of their knowledge, skills, and experience with other members in pursuit of their common goals.  Members seek out or produce additional resources, identify best practices, formulate effective strategies, and develop scalable innovations.  Making a financial donation is another way to support the Network.

o SPREADING THE WORD:  Members spread the word about the Mass Green Network to others in their circles, and encourage other organizations, local groups, and email networks to sign up and get involved. When talking to the press about their local campaigns, members give a shout-out to the Network.