San Mateo County, Ca EPS ordinance (the model for many other California ordinances)

Polystyrene Ordinances in California (with links to texts of legislation)

Rahway, NJ ordinance prohibiting polystyrene and vinyl chloride from retail food establishments and municipal facilities.

Polystyrene Ordinances in the USA (incomplete list, but still useful)

Polystyrene Laws Elsewhere

There are a number of decision points in crafting local legislation to ban polystyrene.  First is whether to ban all polystyrene food service products or just those made of Styrofoam and other EPS products. Another is to determine who will enforce the ban, what fines will be levied for non-compliance, whether public and private institutions (i.e., schools, retirement communities) are subjected to the same rules as commercial enterprises, and how long a grace period to allow organizations that need more time to get their ducks in a row.  Municipalities in Massachusetts and elsewhere have addressed these matters differently.  It is worth comparing legislation from several locations to determine what works best for your community.

Polystyrene Laws in Massachusetts

Polystyrene Legislation


Polystyrene Regulations have been approved in


Cities and Towns in Massachusetts