The Economic Payoff

Clean Water Action's ReThink Disposable project has performed a series of analyses looking at the financial savings made when food service facilities switch from disposable products to reusable ones.

Here are case studies they prepared for four different facilities:

   o A fast casual restaurant.  Annual savings: $5,175

   o A cafe / food shop.  Annual savings: $3,768

   o A food truck.  Annual savings: $2,028

o A high school. Annual savings: $6,459

The ReThink Disposable program offers resources and expertise for municipalities, businesses and individuals to go green.

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See, for example, this graphic prepared by Clean Water Action demonstrating the environmental and economic benefits of using a travel mug for your take-out coffee.

By far the best option is to switch from disposable to resusable.

Resusable dinnerware and other food service materials is not only better for the environment.  It also saves businesses (and consumers) money.

Credit:  CIty of Portland, OR

Although there are many disposable products that are far superior to polystyrene, they all have a significant environmental impact.

Disposing with Disposables